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How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

How to use ACV

How to use Natural Apple Cider Vinegar:

ACV is very acidic and should not be taken directly. Because I am a strong advocate of the health benefits of pure clean water, my practice is to shake my quart bottle of ACV first thing in the morning and then measure 1 teaspoon of ACV into an empty glass. I then fill the glass to the top with clean water and drink it immediately. I repeat this another two times throughout the day, once immediately upon returning home from work and again after dinner. That’s it, it doesn’t have to be complicated. The brand that I use is Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.   

When you do your own research, and I hope that you do, you will find a few negative accounts regarding ACV in which people will claim that the acidic properties of ACV will erode the enamel from your teeth. There may be some truth to this however diluting one teaspoon of ACV into a full glass of water and then consuming immediately greatly dilutes the product and also reduces exposure time on your teeth.

When I first began using apple cider vinegar to lower my blood pressure I attempted to swallow an undiluted tablespoon in one gulp. Wow,, I never want to do that again. I then diluted one tablespoon in a glass of water and yet this was still too strong for me. After experimenting with a few solution strengths, I soon settled on my one teaspoon of ACV per full glass of water. This was palatable and over time I actually began to enjoy it, in fact I find it to be a refreshing drink that I look forward to.

I continued to check my blood pressure daily (partly due to my wifes nagging insistence. Sorry honey). This brings up a good point, if you don’t already have your own blood pressure monitor then I highly recommend that you pick one up. The technology has come a long way and it is no longer necessary to have a trained professional with a stethoscope and a arm cuff stand beside you to check your blood pressure. You can pick up your own accurate blood pressure monitor at most discount stores such as Walmart or nearly any pharmacy for about thirty-five dollars. You can spend more if you want to however your primary goal should be accuracy and convenience. If the cheaper model give you the same accuracy and convenience of the more expensive model then why waste your money. The point is to check your blood pressure daily at first. Ideally this should be in the morning or at a time each day in which you are comfortable and relaxed. After you have checked your blood pressure write down the number and the date. Your blood pressure will monitor likely store these numbers for you however it is a good idea to keep your own hand written record in case something ever happens to your monitor. This will server as a record of your progress and may also alert you to patterns in your life that bring stress and cause your blood pressure to rise.

Because our society is accustomed to looking for solutions in pill form it is easy to find excuses to not do something to the contrary. It is engrained in our culture to follow “Doctors Orders” and yet our doctors have not been trained in alternative or natural solutions.